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A domestic roof is built to last and should have a life expectancy of over 50 years, but as with everything it will inevitably need repairs and eventually replacing. If you have roofing problems, we carry out a range of smaller roofing repairs in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. Whether you have a missing or cracked tile, a leak, or broken guttering, get in touch and we’re bound to be able to get your roof up to scratch before you know it.

Fibre Glass Roofing

We use the most up to date high access equipment to get to all of the areas of your roof, even the hard to reach parts, so that we can strip the roof. We salvage any tiles and slates still able to be used and replace any damaged ones. We use specialist materials to ensure there is not condensation or rot in the future, ensuring a longer lasting roof.

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Fibre Glass Roof

Whilst a lot of roofs are constructed at a slant, there are still some buildings with flat roofing in some areas. These roofs can be harder to maintain and people are often more worried about leaks from gathering water. This is why if you are replacing a flat roof it is best to ensure that you use the best quality materials, such as fibreglass.

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Roofing Glasgow

Beacons Roofing Services offer more than just roofing repairs and replacements, we also provide top quality UPVC fascias, soffits and gutters as part of our roofing services, whether it’s as part of a repair job, part of a re-roof project or something that needs doing on it’s own.

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