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Whilst a lot of roofs are constructed at a slant, there are still some buildings with flat roofing in some areas. These roofs can be harder to maintain and people are often more worried about leaks from gathering water. This is why if you are replacing a flat roof it is best to ensure that you use the best quality materials, such as fibreglass. Fibreglass roofing is a great material for flat roofing, and not just because it is easy to install and cost effective. Whilst it is a very affordable material for flat roofing, it is also long lasting and can last up to 30 years. Using fibreglass for roofing is a modern and more advanced approach to flat roofing, and it is much less prone to unexpected leaks and damage.

Fibre Glass Roof

Beacons Roofing Services has been carrying out flat and fibreglass roof services throughout Glasgow and the surrounding areas for some time. As fibreglass is one of the most modern and up to date options for flat roofing. A fibreglass roof is fully bonded, which means that there are no seams, joints or welds that make up the roof. This decreases the possibility of leaks and cracks and keeps your property dry despite this being an area of flat roofing.

Fibreglass roofing is also a lot stronger than other kinds of flat roofing, and because it cannot be cut with a knife like a felt roof or similar alternatives could be, it is much more secure. A fibreglass roof can also be built so you are able to walk on it. This opens up the possibilities for using flat roofing as a balcony or roof garden, opening up extra space that otherwise would be wasted. This can increase the value of your property as you have effectively added more space to your property.

At Beacons Roofing Services we know that fibreglass roofing isn’t just a practical option, it is also an attractive option for flat roofing. This type of material usually comes in a choice of colours. Its seamless qualities also offers a classy and well maintained finish.

If you are looking to replace your flat roof and want to find a company for fibreglass roof services in Glasgow and the surrounding area, get in touch and we will explain how fibreglass can solve all of your flat roofing problems.

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